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What is your average spend on energy per year?

Energy Costs

The average energy bill for a family of 4 in the UK is now £1264 per year for dual fuel. Since 1998:

  • Electricity costs have risen 100%
  • Gas 195%
  • Heating Oil 428%

With Fossil Fuels becoming harder to extract and Nuclear Energy too expensive, energy prices will continue to rise and likely to double by 2020 (£2500). There is another option: Renewable Energy. Daylight Thermal and Biomass offers the first step towards becoming energy self sustaining.

Domestic RHI

With the launch of the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) the UK Government is incentivising households to invest in Renewable Energy systems.  The RHI will usually cover the equipment cost and is paid quarterly over 7 years.  Please see the RHI page for more information. Wessex ECOEnergy systems can save up to 85% of these annual costs so contact them today to get a detailed quote.

Your Average Energy Spend

Please take a look at the table below, which column best fits your current energy spend and situation?

3 Bedroom House

17,000+ kWh per year
  • Oil/Gas Boiler
  • 105m2 floor space
  • 1930’s semi-detached
  • 2 adults 2 children

4 Bedroom House

25,000+ kWh per year
  • Oil/Gas Boiler
  • 200m2 floor space
  • Detached property
  • 2 adults 2 children

6 Bedroom House

66,000+ kWh per year
  • Oil/Gas Boiler
  • 500m2 floor space
  • Large detached property
  • 2 adults 3 children+

The Benefits of a Renewable Energy Solution


£'s Saved

£'s Saved

£'s Saved

  • CO2 Reduction 80%
  • CO2 Reduction 85%
  • CO2 Reduction 85%

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