Daylight Thermal

Free heating from daylight, it’s that simple.

Reduce your energy bill by up to 85%

Harness daylight to generate thermal energy

System qualifies for UK GOVT Renewable Heat Incentive payment

Environmentally friendly, cut CO2 by up to 100%

Use Free Daylight to Produce Heat

The Surface Power HONE Energy System is a highly efficient Renewable Energy solution for homes and businesses.

Exploiting the energy contained in daylight, the Surface Power HONE system harvests the energy for use in heating spaces and hot water.

The outstanding performance of the Surface Power HONE system means you can now meet up to 85% of your annual heating and hot water needs by using daylight alone.

Top up when needed on cold winter days using oil, gas or wood burning boilers and you have a system that uses very little fossil or wood fuel.

The system suits both small and large domestic properties as well as large commercial buildings such as hospitals, hotels and factories.

We adopt a simple philosophy; collect and use as much heat as you can using free daylight and only burn expensive oil, gas or wood when you really need to!

Unrivalled Performance

Surface Power HONE research, design and manufacturer thermal energy systems which use daylight as the only energy source.  This means the world now has a real alternative to oil and gas, as well as a system that vastly outperforms heat pumps and solar hot water.

Surface Power HONE system utilises Nano Technology combined with a meticulous scientific and engineering approach to make a highly efficient daylight solar collector. The Surface Power HONE system has exceptional performance.  The system was design to excel at heat retention and this allows the system to build heat levels very quickly even when light levels are low, in bright or dull weather, all day long and at every time of the year.

The Surface Power HONE system achieves significant improvements over legacy solar technology and the panels are smaller than standard systems as they are far more effective at harnessing energy from light.

In fact industry standard testing shows that the Surface Power HONE SP501 collector delivers nearly twice the energy per square meter as it’s nearest rival.

System Diagram

The Hone system is very easy to retro-fit into any home or business.  Utilising the majority of the existing pipework means lower cost and disruption.

System Configuration & Costs

All systems are tailored to our clients situation.  Factors that effect this are:

  • Annual energy usage
  • Type, size and level of insulation of property
  • Number of people

With this information from the site visit, Wessex ECOEnergy will calculate your overall energy demand and create a detailed proposal showing the recommended number of panels.  Also detailed will be the likely RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) payments and 20 year energy saving.

For some properties and businesses a combined Solar Thermal and Biomass system will offer the best energy savings and returns.  Please contact Wessex ECOEnergy to discuss further.

2 Panel

  • 2000 kWh per annum
  • 2 Person Household
  • 1.9m2 of Panels
  • Hot Water Only

5 Panel

  • 5000 kWh per annum
  • 4+ People
  • 4.85m2 of Panels
  • Hot Water Only

10 Panel

  • 10,000 kWh per annum
  • 6+ People
  • 9.5m2 of Panels
  • Hot Water Only

Potential RHI Payments (£'s)

Potential RHI Payments (£'s)

Potential RHI Payments (£'s)

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

HONE is a new Nano Technology Heating System which harvests FREE daylight from the sky. It can be used on domestic buildings, commercial and industrial buildings and processes.

What is the main advantages?

The advantage with HONE is that you can reduce your consumption of heating oil, gas or any other heating fuel by up to 85%. i.e. you switch to FREE daylight powered heating and hot water production and all you need is overcast cloudy skies for it to work.

How is it installed?

The installations are easy and straight forward. A heating system typically takes 2 days and a hot water system 1 day. HONE systems don’t use any additional buffer volume as HONE is a very high temperature technology and interfaces as your boiler does.

What government grants are available?

Yes, HONE is a thermal renewable technology and is MCS certified, HARP certified and a member of all government certification schemes and programs around the world.

What warranties are available?

There are 3 warranties:

  • Standard 5 year warranty without authorised installer
  • 10 year warranty with authorised installer
  • 20 year performance warranty with the online data option (included in all heating/commercial systems)

Want to discuss further?

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