Wessex ECOEnergy are Dorset based solar energy experts. Offering a premium installation, support, and advice service to help you make the best decisions for your home energy needs. Combining solar with a home storage battery will enable you to reduce your bills and become less dependent on the national grid for energy. The new Powerwall 2 unit can work through power cuts and provide your home with the energy security it needs.

6.4kWh Powerwall 1 costs from £4875 installed. Contact us today to find out more.

14kWh Powerwall 2 costs from £6400 installed: Now available for pre-order.

If you already have Solar please contact us today for a free assessment of your set-up.  The battery can be installed inside or outside but needs to be connected to your existing inverter.   If you are also interested in a Solar array the VAT can be reduced to 5% and this offers a great saving in tax.  More information is available on the Tesla site: https://www.tesla.com/en_GB/energy

Solar Electricity At Night

The Tesla Powerwall stores electricity generated by solar panels during the day and makes it available for use in evenings (rather than paying for energy from the grid).

Go Net Zero

Combining Solar panels and one or more Tesla Powerwalls home storage batteries could mean energy independence from the national grid.

Most Cost-Effective Capacity On the Market

Each Powerwall, has a 6.4kWh or 13.5kWh capacity with 100% depth of discharge (DOD). Guaranteed for 10-years or 18-megawatt hours. Multiple batteries can be installed for larger demands.

Harness More Solar Energy

Most homes only use a small amount of the solar energy they produce.  Storing it in a Powerwall is the best way to reduce electricity bills.

Become Energy Independent

Combine solar with one or more Powerwalls to make your home energy independent.

Electricity Back-up Supply

Powerwall protects!  If you have a power outage the Powerwall can be configured to supply electricity to your lights, fridge and Wi-Fi!